The professional education program focused on the area of investing is based on a long-time practical experience in the area of capital and derivative markets. It includes an extensive education with its main goal to prepare the participants for real investing and trading on the securities market.

CPM Associates currently belongs to the leaders of this specific area not only in Slovakia but in the Czech Republic as well.

The basic attributes of our seminars:

  • Simplicity and comprehensibility – explanation of complex processes in the financial markets using simple examples from the everyday life
  • Diversity – from stocks, bonds and funds to real estates, commodities and currencies
  • Reality – true information about potential risks and real yields
  • Application – practical use of the knowledge in ordinary life
  • Clearness – seminars use demonstrations from real events in the finance world
  • Experience – we have trained more than 150 investors and traders from Slovakia and the Czech Republic since 2002