Courses and Seminars

The CPM Associates Company designed an educational model for traders which consists of the following courses and seminars.

The University

A one-day seminar dedicated to applicants who want to understand basic aspects behind the financial markets, stocks, funds and opportunities for trading and investing. It is an accelerated education form of the most important points in trading and investing.

The Professional

This course will provide you with complex education in the area of capital and derivative markets, investing and trading of the most various types of securities. At the same time you will gain the first practical experience under professional guidance.

The Strategist
This course is dedicated to individuals interested in active education and practice in the financial area.

The Conference
A one-day conference held on a regular quarterly basis with a specific topic from investing or trading defined beforehand. The conference is held in a form of workshop.

The PFA Seminar

The seminar analyses the very fundaments of the financial intermediation and advisory business in various economic conditions and during different economic cycles. Forecasts of future conditions and their influence on the financial intermediary market are presented. Moreover it provides methods for dealing with these conditions, opportunities and risks in the period of the following months and years.