The Education Division of CPM Associates, founded in 2001 under the portal, provides a complex knowledge in the area of financial markets, investments, risk analysis and opportunities. It is also an integral part of another three divisions of the company and thus creates a unique program of support since 2008. The Education Division serves as a valuable tool for gradual quality improving of our work in the Financial Planning Division. It creates a room for qualified analysis and application of the gained knowledge in trading and investing as well.

Its primary role is the explanation of complex processes in the financial markets, to inform about potential risks, the real yields and to show a practical application of the knowledge in the ordinary life. Diversity of our seminars stems from an overview of finance and macro economy through investing in stocks, bonds and funds to real estates, commodities and currencies.

“Our goal is to lead people towards sound financial decisions”.

The seminars are led in an attractive form of communication between the lecturer and participants. They are designed for individual traders or common people as well and use demonstrations from current or historical events from the world of finance and their application to simple examples of the everyday life.