Financial Background

CPM Associates is neither proprietary nor financially linked to any financial or intermediary company and it strives to provide impartial solutions to its clients through an in-depth analysis.

Using selection and examination of financial institutions and their products based on detailed comparisons of fundamentals at regular intervals, we strive to provide clients with the highest efficiency, quality and suitability within the financial market.

The financial concept is supported by a wide range of products and solutions in the field of investment, housing, retirement income security, life and non life insurance. Among our main competitive advantages one may find mainly professional solutions in the field of investment, management of the first slovak hedge fund (Slovak Hedge Fund), direct access to global exchanges and over 15,000 mutual funds available.

The company operates in the market for financial services under the Act no. 186/2009 Z.z. as a single financial agent (SFA), which is authorized to conduct business of financial intermediation in all belonging sectors.