How to choose correctly

What should be each client interested in.

Financial literacy

Financial literacy is a knowledge of basic financial rules, relations, opportunities and risks in personal finance. It is important for every individual and absolutely indispensable for persons working in this field. Nowadays, however, there are many people working in the field of financial intermediation/ advisory without the basic knowledge of this issue and therefore a high risk of harm to the client occurs.

An important question: Can you show your financial status, your income and expenses, assets and liabilities and their overall result?

Expertise and Education

Academic education is certainly important and beneficial, but not absolutely necessary for this profession. Much more important is the expertise in what the person has been doing. This can be achieved by an intense education under expert guidance and through practice, by which one obtains an important insight and experience.

An important question: What is your education, skills and experience?


A professional does his work as a principal occupation, thus as his main earning activity and not as a part-time job alongside other work. The one who is concentrated on one area usually has room for better education, professional growth and sufficient number of experience. Certainly you wouldn’t want to be operated by a surgeon, who after eight hours of work time changes his construction worker overall for a doctor‘s robe. The reality of today's financial intermediation market is such that 80% of all advisors in this area have another major employment and perform advisory as a part-time job or alongside other principal activities.

An important question: Do you do this work as a principal activity or have another job? Why?


All previous requirements are absolutely irrelevant, unless they are accompanied by ethical and moral principles of the intermediary. Ethics in financial intermediation is the most essential requirement, which an intermediary in financial services in the relation to his client has to meet. If money would be the only motivation for the consultant, the client should start worrying.

An important question: Why are you doing this work now? What is your main motivation?