Investment Philosophy

Our mission is to offer fundamental and competent advisory services based upon thoroughly applied investment process and global market analysis both for individual and institutional investors. By pursuing our long-term strategy approach, we maximize growth potential of clients’ assets.

Below are the core strategic concepts of our investment philosophy:


It is widely known that there are many unqualified and undereducated advisors what has been proven by negative experience of many investors. This quality issue lays in insufficient financial education, decentralized execution of advisory companies and underestimation of the importance of risk management. At CPM Associates, we seek for every advisory being fundamentally elaborated and centrally audited in order to secure the highest possible quality standards for clients. Financial concepts are drafted using thorough financial analysis with assessment of all known facts and our global reach possibilities. Our mission is constantly maintaining educational and quality advantage in the financial advisory market.


Investment decisions are made with an emphasis on intrinsic value and search for investments that have higher potential and lower risks than the rest of the market. Through market segmentation, analysis and due diligence we screen fund managers, applied strategies and fees among more than 15.000 funds in the global financial markets.


Investment decision can be successful only if based upon deep perception of its sense and long-term added value. Doubts create uncertainty that precedes wrong and premature decisions. Investors try to lessen uncertainty by frequent entering and exiting the market, ending up with negative experience. Building mutual trust is the key element for both parts as it strengthens designed strategy and creates firm foundations for long-term growth and sense of investment.

Long-term Horizon

We prefer a consistent and long-term approach to investing as a base parameter of success and multiplication of the set goals.  By active advisory and client management we provide searching for above standard managed funds in the global market with the aim of the most efficient capital utilisation and mininimization of related risks.