PFA Seminar

Each one of us surely has a partner relation with some financial institution whether on the side of the customer as a client or on the side of the supplier as an intermediary. These institutions rarely publish the background of their products and mostly do not try to fully inform their partners. This particular seminar was created as a support for financial advisors who meet the products of the partner companies daily and want to understand them as much as possible in order to advise their clients the best alternative. However, ordinary people, who want to know more about what they are signing and what they can meet in the market, are frequent visitors of the PFA seminar as well.


It is a one-day seminar that discusses the influence of the Crisis on the area of intermediation and advisory in the financial services field. It analyses the very fundaments of this work in various economic conditions, during various economic cycles and forecasts the future conditions and their influence. Moreover it covers the methods for dealing with these conditions and also mentions the opportunities and risks in the period of the following months and years.


To provide suggestions for increasing the competitiveness and marketability through expansion of knowledge of the financial intermediaries that will be inevitable for the following period full of changes. To give examples from the historical background and their application in the working and private life of the near future. Clarification of the facts and provision of various suggestions for performance enhancement and future potential in this area.


  • History and background of the financial services intermediation – use of various strategies during different periods.
  • The optimal management and advisory in the area of personal finance – Personal Finance
  • Analysis and presentation of the strengths of the financial advisory and intermediation business.
  • Analysis and solutions to the weaknesses – what should be changed, adjusted, expanded?
  • Analysis and expected development of conditions, fundaments and risks on the financial advisory and intermediation market in the Slovak Republic and the world.
  • Aspects, funded reasoning and support in choosing the insurance and bank products for the client.
  • Analysis of the potential client groups in the future – Who should we address?
  • The importance and the mechanism of the client`s risk management.
  • Financial advisory as a base for financial intermediation. Financial education as a base for financial advisory.
  • Discussion of methods for maintaining a long-term partnership with the client.
  • Understanding of important basic fundaments of investment services and their appropriate choice for various clients.
  • Personal traits – what to change and what to develop.
  • The reality and illusion of the financial crisis.
  • Reassessment and change of procedures and plans in the intermediation and financial advisory.
  • Additional topics chosen from the area.