BURZUJ ProfesionálTM will provide you with complex education in the area of capital and derivative markets, investing and trading of the most various types of securities. At the same time you will gain the first practical experience under professional guidance.

BURZUJ ProfesionálTM is our most popular course since the majority of our applicants plan to actively devote themselves to personal finance, investing and speculations with securities and prefer a thorough and high-quality preparation. The course is also dedicated to absolute beginners and its primary goal is to provide the participants with extensive knowledge, thorough preparation for trading and to develop their creative thinking and trading skills. The course is organized in small groups and puts a great emphasis on the individual. It is mostly dedicated to those applicants who seek the extensive study, practical trading exercises in the real market conditions and a permanent possibility of communication with the lecturer in a small group.

BURZUJ ProfesionálTM includes a plenty of interesting chapters like options and option strategies, hedging and combination strategies, FOREX and currency strategies, advanced technical analysis, day trading and many more.

The main difference of this course, when compared to the others, is its long-term orientation and emphasis on the complex and thorough preparation. Moreover it covers explanation of important terms and investment principles, practical training of market analysis, investing and trading via the Internet, software and procedures indispensable for successful investing in securities.

It is fallacious to assume that such knowledge and skills can be gained during a one-day seminar. Working with investments requires long-term education and preparation similar to other professions (medicine, engineering etc.). Insufficient knowledge and lack of skills may cause severe consequences in any area of expertise. However, in the case of money management, not only the money but life itself may be at stake (quality of life, mental sanity). Investing and trading of securities is very risky. If BURZUJ ProfesionálTM is to be considered a real and professional course in the market, it has to include long-term education, preparation and sufficient practical training of investors. This way only it can provide an adequate knowledge base for each future investor.

BURZUJ ProfesionálTM currently represents the most extensive educational preparation for traders and investors within the Czech Republic and Slovakia. More than 50 certified participants speak of its qualities.

The first part of the course is mostly focused on the investing basics, a complete financial markets overview, securities and their use, and on the rules of trading as well. The second half of the course develops analytical and practical skills of the participants and application of the knowledge into practice. Analyzing and trading of securities using the fundamental and technical analysis is trained with a help of practical demonstrations and computer work. A specially designed classroom was created for this purpose – BURZUJ LaboratóriumTM – where each participant works on a separate computer. Here the participants train the trading in various market situations in the real market conditions and at the same time learn the methods of risk control under the guidance of the lecturer.

An extensive and demanding test is prepared for the participants at the end of the course which will thoroughly verify their real abilities and skills for trading and investing on the exchange. Each participant will obtain a Certificate with a description of the mastered topics after a successful completion of the course. Furthermore, each participant will be prepared for real trading on the exchange.

You may write to Us and we will recommend you which seminar is an appropriate alternative for yourself based on your preferences.