Qualitative Strategies

The Division of discretionary (qualitative) strategies is engaged in determining the quality of the underlying asset against their current price.

These strategies have long-term allocation horizon and are focused on the Fund`s net capital value growth. The primary objective is to search for companies and other assets with above the average present and future value against the rest of the market and their current prices, which will be used to construct the portfolio. We use mainly markets of high liquidity and companies from sectors in a strong positive cycle and expected future trend development in the selection of individual assets.

Mainly the following Directional strategies are used to construct and reallocate the portfolio:

  • Long vs. short operations with stocks in the global markets (Long-short global equity)
  • Emerging markets
  • Sector funds – expertise in the technology area, raw materials, commodities and energies
  • Fundamental growth – investing into companies with higher than the market average growth
  • Fundamental value/ Value investing – investing into undervalued companies
  • Operations focused on decline – using declines in financial markets by net short operations or derivative combination models
  • Multi-Strategy – diversification by methods of risk reduction