Quality Management

The policy of quality management at CPM Associates takes place on the level of all four divisions and it is a part of overall company management policy and its goals. The priority for us is the concentration on the Total Quality Management, which we consider an essential aspect of the company and its further successful development. The company's management is fully aware of the importance of successful implementation of quality management system and its impact on its current and potential clients, employees and collaborators.

TQM - Total Quality Management is the attitude, philosophy, but also a process that emphasizes personal responsibility of all employees who seek to continuously improve. TQM is simultaneously a system, consisting of organizational, administrative and technical procedures, methods, techniques and tools.

The concept of TQM is mainly focused on the customer and company’s own employees, respectively company’s associates, as well as business processes, work environment, goals and outcomes. The whole company, all sections and all people are involved in improving the quality of work. Managers, employees and associates are responsible for the company and the company bears responsibility for the people. TQM is an open system to which it is possible to include everything that can contribute to maximize client satisfaction, their trust and minimize resources spent on errors and shortcomings.