BURZUJ UniverzitaTM is a one-day seminar dedicated to applicants who want to understand basic aspects behind the financial markets, stocks, funds and opportunities for trading and investing. It is an accelerated education form of the most important points in trading and investing.

All the educational activities of our company are currently composed for beginners, or for those who are interested in undergoing the whole educational process step by step, from the basics to the advanced topics. This particular seminar was designed mainly for absolute beginners who only have met the subject marginally. It is also an appropriate alternative for those whose primary goal is to gain a broad spectrum of basic information, which they can use when making decisions about deposits in funds, banks or broker companies or for individuals who want to find out whether this area appeals to them and whether they want to extend and apply their knowledge further.

BURZUJ UniverzitaTM seminar thematically covers the basics in a broad scope of areas from the operations in the world financial markets (NYSE, NASDAQ, FOREX, etc.), their instruments (stocks, bonds, currencies, options, futures, indices, mutual funds), through the description of investing and trading, risk control to even opening an account at a broker and further educational possibilities.

If you are interested after your studies in active investing or trading, or in more detailed and complex study with concrete examples, communication and practical study, we recommend you to take part in one of our seminars BURZUJ InvestorTM, BURZUJ ObchodníkTM or the course BURZUJ ProfesionálTM, which are specially designed for future active investor and traders.

You may write to Us and we will recommend you which seminar is an appropriate alternative for yourself based on your preferences.