What You Get


Some of the educational activities are accomplished with a final examination and a Certificate. The examination consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The primary purpose of the theoretical part is to verify whether the participants have correctly mastered particular thematic blocks and sufficiently understand the possibilities and risks involved in trading and investing. The practical part of the exam emphasizes the real ability of the participants to apply the particular theoretical knowledge in practice. Moreover it includes various investing and trading examples from the stock market which the participants have to deal with using the acquired principles and rules. This partly verifies their readiness for the real trading - mainly their creative approach, discipline, technical and fundamental analysis and the risk management.

After a successful completion of the course each participant obtains the Certificate from CPM Associates with description of the mastered topics from the financial management area, investing and trading. Thanks to the detailed description and characteristics this Certificate may serve you as a relevant reference in the case of aspiring for a job in the finance and investing in the home country or abroad.


Each participant of the course or a seminar will get a BURZUJ Manuál that includes all the lectured topics from the particular areas. The participants may find a plenty of illustrative demonstrations and charts from real trades on hundreds of pages. Each page has a reserved free space for notes of the participants. This manual comprises a compact knowledge base and a reference for the traders and investors in the future.


CPM Associates guarantees to refund the money paid for each course or seminar*. In case of not being satisfied after the first day of the course or seminar, CPM will immediately and fully return the paid sum.
*the Guarantee relates to seminars with intense form only

Financial English

It is a well-known fact, that English is the language of capital investments, financial markets, exchange, banking and security traders. In the world of Internet the majority of information is available in English mainly. Therefore we emphasize the need to familiarize our participants with the important English terminology from the financial area to make them able to understand various technical and slang expressions which they will most likely meet in the future. During the whole education process, the participants will learn a few hundreds of English equivalents that became a language minimum for the investors worldwide.