Corporate Finance

CPM Associates is a brokerage company that specializes in providing expert advice in the field of risk management, auditing and mediation of insurance services for corporate clients operating in the Slovak Republic. The company currently has 15 offices throughout Slovakia with more than 30 advisors who focus on corporate clients.

The main goal is to provide the client with the most optimal coverage of individual risks at the lowest possible costs. CPM Associates works closely with selected insurance companies, often on the basis of individually agreed conditions for a specific client. A personal approach, discretion, high flexibility and professional responsibility for the quality of the services provided and at the same time for the results achieved are a matter of course.

Risk management
We provide our clients with expert advice and consultations in the field of company risk management, the aim of which is to develop comprehensive security and protection against possible.

Audit of insurance contracts
This is an in-depth inspection of the company's existing insurance contracts from the point of view of their meaning and purpose, as well as an assessment of their effectiveness from the point of view of the insured risks to the incurred costs.

Design, negotiation and administration of insurance
Based on the client's goals, the audit of existing insurance contracts and the company's concept of comprehensive security, we approach the selection of insurance companies and products that are adapted to the individual needs and requirements of each client. After negotiating the optimal insurance products, we provide our clients with comprehensive management throughout their duration.

Liquidation of insurance claims
For our clients, we provide expert advice and complete administration related to the liquidation of insurance claims. At the same time, we assume responsibility for fast and adequate performance that is in accordance with the concluded contract, and in the event of any problems, we represent our client until the insurance claim is resolved.

Insurance market monitoring
For our clients, we constantly monitor the development of the insurance market and at the same time analyze new insurance products for the purpose of changes and therefore more effective insurance.

What are we doing?

Property insurance
This is a basic type of insurance, the purpose of which is to protect the property of companies, and thus the business activity itself, against financial losses that may arise as a result of its damage or destruction.

  • All Risk insurance Life insurance
  • Vandalism insurance
  • Theft and robbery insurance
  • Electronics insurance
  • Machinery and equipment insurance
  • Construction - assembly insurance

Motor vehicle insurance
This is the most widespread type of insurance, which mainly includes mandatory contract insurance (PZP), the conclusion of which is mandatory for the vehicle owner by law, and of course accident insurance (Kasko), which offers insurance for the vehicle in the event of its damage, theft, destruction, or natural event.

  • Motor Insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Windshield insurance
  • GAP insurance
  • Passenger accident insurance

Liability insurance
Each company is responsible for the damage it may cause to third parties through its activities, or breach of legal obligations. At the same time, it is not important whether the damage was caused by action, inaction or relationship.

  • Liability insurance
  • Liability insurance for lost profit
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Liability insurance of carriers and forwarders
  • Liability insurance of members of statutory bodies

Insurance of financial risks
Financial risk insurance includes important risks that most companies are exposed to in their daily business, and which, if they occur, can cause the company extensive financial losses.

  • Defective product insurance
  • Product contamination insurance
  • Receivables insurance
  • Hardware insurance
  • Insurance of customs guarantees
  • Weather insurance
  • Reward insurance

Business interruption insurance
Interruption, or restriction of operation due to material damage to the property used for business activity can also cause large financial losses, which often exceed the material damage to the property itself by several times.

  • Business interruption insurance
  • Lost rent insurance
  • Fasting of the interruption of the supply of public services

Agricultural insurance
This is a specific type of insurance, the purpose of which is to insure risks associated with plant and animal agricultural production.

  • Crop insurance
  • Animal insurance
  • Forest insurance

Environmental insurance
Environmental protection concerns not only ordinary citizens, but above all large industrial companies and factories, whose activities have a direct impact on the quality of the environment. Companies that may cause environmental damage through their business are required by law to take out liability insurance for environmental damage.

  • Liability insurance for environmental damage
  • Insurance for damage to the environment

For employees
We can individually adapt our employment programs to each company. The emphasis is mainly on motivation with the highest possible efficiency of the costs incurred.

  • Customized employee programs
  • Individual management care

Financial services
Through long-term experience in the financial market, we also offer our clients solutions in the field of financing their short-term and long-term needs.

  • Financial leasing
  • Operational leasing
  • Operating loan
  • Investment loan