Personal Finance


CPM Associates Personal Finance Divison started its operation at the end of 2008 as a reaction to the increasing interest in personal finance advisory from the side of our clients. Together with other divisions it creates a complex of financial services which tries to cover even the most demanding clientele. This division specializes in providing consistently professional financial planning for individuals. The main activities are the creation of financial plans, financial audit and financial and tax optimization.

Personal Finance Division merges independent consultants in the field of private finance who decided to carry out this work at a professional level and have many years of experience in the financial services area. The main emphasis is put on the quality of work, education and high professionalism of our employees, as we provide ongoing training and centralized control. The company is directly responsible for the activities of its associates who are led to responsibility for the advisory services provided to their clients from the very beginning of the cooperation.

What is Financial Planing 

Financial background 

How to choose correctly 

Total Quality Management 

System of Work 

Financial Plan and Optimalization

In the second meeting, a suggested financial plan and optimization will be presented to the client. Optimization means saving money, or their more efficient use – multiple utility at the same cost compared to the current state. In essence, removal of all unnecessary components from the client's portfolio and their re-allocation into assets and concrete products bring the desired benefit for the client and his goals.

The financial plan is a theory, in other words, a philosophy, how should the client, or more precisely, family manage their finance in order to ensure the effective fulfillment of their goals. If the client decides for the "theory", it can be put into practice. The practice is the choice of optimal financial partners and their products, which accomplish the whole financial plan.

Service and Care

We become "the lawyer" of client's finance and will represent and protect his interests in the financial market. We take over the entire administration, which mainly comprises monitoring and processing changes, correspondence with partners, dealing with insurance claims and portfolio management, thus saving money and time for our clients. A revision of the financial plan, in other words, its review and adaptation to the current situation of the client is made once a year.